Downtown San Francisco lives & breathes resilience. From its founding, SF has not only been molded by it, but reveled in it. Having rebounded from devastating earthquakes, catastrophic fires, and now globe-altering pandemics, The City by the Bay is proving once again to be one of the best comeback stories of all time. The post-lockdown reopening of the downtown core is our next inspiring chapter in The City's history. Keep up to date on downtown San Francisco's economic recovery with Downtown SF's Reopening Dashboard.

About the data

The Downtown SF Partnership utilizes a data platform that monitors traffic in the Downtown SF District. It reflects the area 43 block area of the Financial District and Historic Jackson Square served by the Downtown Community Benefit District.


2023 Year-to-Date Visits (44% of 2019 baseline)


2023 YTD Visitors (63% of 2019 baseline)

YTD Total Visits

Recovery Trends

Weekly Visits Comparison

2023 vs. 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown Year (Total Visits)

YTD Multi-Year Metrics Comparison


YTD Daily Visits Comparison


YTD Hourly Visits Comparison



Average Midweek Embarcadero Station Exits (Prior Month)


Average Midweek Montgomery Street Station Exits (Prior Month)

Midweek Ridership

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Saturday Ridership

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Sunday Ridership

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Total Trips

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